• It has been a journey of discovery, education, and building relationships this past year with DVS as we continue to work closely. DVS has advised us on multiple fronts and has had a huge impact on our lives as we made critical decisions at turning points. Divakar, Nabeel, and their team have become family as they have been available to research, decide and execute plans on decisions both personal and business. DVS turned out to be a full-service boutique advisory firm who have pushed the boundaries of service beyond the usual. It is indeed reassuring to know that they are available round the clock and across geographies. Nabeel has been resourceful and has gone beyond the call of duty to help us settle down in a new country as we expand our business opportunities. We look forward to working together in the years to come.
    Mr. Biju - CEO
    Vikaasha Schools
  • We acknowledge the hard work put in by your team, which has also helped us to develop our international tax team. We had a great time working with you.
    Mr Joginder Singh
    Chief Accounting Officer - Daimler India Commercial Vehicles LTD
  • As a company we have been associated with them for a number of years and they bring integrity and a lot of value in their offerings to customers like us. I find them way ahead of their contemporaries offering similar services. Their innovative and tailor made services to their clients are what makes them stand apart.
    Mr Srinivas Acharya
    Managing Director - Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance Ltd