At DVS, we truly believe that Diversity is the essence of mankind and making space for Including people from multiple backgrounds and genders in our journey is part of our karma. Our strength has, is and will always be our diversity. What started as a natural attitude of making space for competent people, now , as we see it, is our biggest asset and probably one of the most important reasons for our consistent growth. We believe different cultures emphasize different attributes and when these are weaved together with the thread of Core Values, the outcome is potent

At DVS we are proud that we are well represented by multiple religions and races of the jurisdictions we operate in and that we celebrate functions of all religions with equal relevance. We believe diverse cultures inspire creativity and drive both inclusion and innovation. 

Another aspect of our existence about which we are extremely proud is our conscious Gender Diversity initiative. This was a direction we chose by design in 2014 (we were 97% men :3% women) , and we have since traveled some distance. Today, 50% our management team and more than 40% of our talent comprise women leaders. This conscious initiative has added flavors of discipline, empathy and above all excellence to our teams. We consciously strive to ensure our workplaces constantly evolve to accommodate our diversity in terms of policies, infrastructure and culture.   

We wish to reiterate that, "Collaborative Growth : Wholeheartedly share knowledge, opportunities, and experience as this is our foremost karma", being one of our core values, emphasizes on inclusion being paramount in our scheme of existence.